We believe that giving to God’s work is a very important part of our life here at The Episcopal Church in Okatie (TECIO)! Our Individual Creation, Talents, and Life Work have been made possible by God for us to individually cultivate, and we should feel a significant desire to show our thanks through financial and active support of Our Lord through (TECIO) and its Missions and Ministries.

Together we can make a difference and our appreciation for each person’s contributions of funds and effort is truly great!

Ways of Giving

Check or Cash

Check or cash donations may be brought to a Service, brought to The Episcopal Church in Okatie at another time, or mailed (we do not recommend mailing cash) to:

The Episcopal Church in Okatie (TECIO)

231 Hazzard Creek Road, Suite 1
Ridgeland, SC 29936

Your support is deeply appreciated!

Online Giving

The Episcopal Church in Okatie provides Digital Options for giving

1. Online Giving to The Episcopal Church in Okatie can be made through a secure online form as a one-time donation or on a recurring basis


Getting started with Online Giving is easy by just clicking on the link below:

Secure Online Giving Page/give now

God loves a cheerful giver