Worship Schedule

Please find the new worship schedule attached.

As always, if you are unable to serve your scheduled date, please find a replacement and let me know so I may update the bulletin accordingly.

May 21st, 2023 – August 6th 2023

May 21Pam GillAlexina StrozierPaul GillAlexina StrozierKaren JurewiczElise Johnston
May 28Loy HeuerJeff HarterTony BoulwareJeff HarterKohl WoodhamLoy Heuer
June 4Eve PinckneyJim HeuerFrank JurewiczJim HeuerDennis ToneyEve Pinckney
June 11Pam ToneyAlexina StrozierMike ThomasAlexina StrozierSusan SuhrLinda Jones
June 18Carol CarterJeff HarterTony BoulwareJeff HarterAnne GrandeZina Harter
June 25Pam GillAlexina StrozierPaul GillAlexina StrozierKaren JurewiczElise Johnston
July 2Loy HeuerJim HeuerFrank JurewiczJim HeuerKohl WoodhamLoy Heuer
July 9Eve PinckneyJeff HarterMike ThomasJeff HarterDennis ToneyEve Pinckney
July 16Pam ToneyJim HeuerTony BoulwareJim HeuerSusan SuhrLinda Jones
June 23Carol CarterAlexina StrozierFrank JurewiczAlexina StrozierKaren JurewiczZina Harter
June 30Pam GillJeff HarterPaul GillJeff HarterKohl WoodhamElise Johnston
August 6Loy HeuerJim HeuerMike ThomasJim HeuerDennis ToneyLoy Heuer
Worship Schedule above
If you can not make your schedule date please email: ‘okatieepiscopal@gmail.com’